It’s all happening

I finally understood what people meant when they said that when you are truly happy, you have no need to share it with anybody else. You have all of these feelings dancing with your soul, and you can’t possibly think of placing your focus away from this inner experience, because if you did, you might miss a second of it. You can’t reach the world around you with what you have within. So, you just continue living your life, and if a photo ends up online of you maybe having a drink or smiling with your family, it does, but not for any reason, it’s just there, happening, the same way that you just are, happening. It’s beautiful really, to just let it all happen.

Heaven is a Natural State of Being

When I was in middle school, time felt infinite. It felt like I was trapped in the thirteen year old, awkward, insecure body I witnessed forever. I remember high school sounding so far away. I remember the thought of having a grown-up life sounding crazy, I didn’t know how that would ever happen. And now, I’m here, 25 years old, living with the philosophy that anything I imagine is possible. Looking back on the doubts I used to have, as well as my own inability to imagine a future for myself, I wonder if there are people alive now who have trouble believing in the future that they desire.

What if we all have this habit of enclosing ourselves in our present moment, thinking we can’t possibly reach a the future that we want for ourselves?

Personally, I often receive visions of achievements and future adventures, and with those visions comes doubt and fear. Only for me to later arrive to that future that was once imagined and realize that I missed out on the present moment by being so afraid of the possibility that everything I ever wanted could actually come to me.

What’s all that about? 

Time is funny like that.

I have noticed that we complicate the concept of being in the moment so much in our society. Being in the now, has even become a teaching. Hm, maybe tomorrow I’ll learn to be present. What is that? By believing it takes any sort of effort to be present, we keep ourselves out of the present all together. We rob ourselves of the one thing that we innately know how to do as human beings by installing the idea that we are bad at it. I believe that we as a race are good at living abundant, happy, vibrant lives. However, the only way that we will ever experience that reality is through releasing the idea that living is something to be ‘good’ at in the first place.

Heaven is a natural state of being. Be here now. You already are.