Holy Words For Earth

Despair fills the room.

It is as though you are blind

unable to see my light.

With your Spirit in a bind

and the pain, a unique kind,

you ask to be released.

Who is the one who releases you?

What is it that they must do?

Must they fight a demon?

Must they cast the past away?

What is it for you that you need to see?

What is it for you, for you to be set free?

Tell me, and it will be delivered today.

Wipe me clean

Let all that is seen

In darkness

Be light

God, allow me to borrow your strength, your might

In that I might become more like you

Strong like you

Clear minded like you

Open hearted like you

Let me be yours

Let me be strength

My brothers and sisters are in the grip of the devil and I call on my Father to save them. My Father is a being of pure love and light. My Father is a being of great strength and might. I cannot live to see more suffering on this earth without taking action in the light any longer. I’ve gotten stronger and it is time for the world to see it. I have a voice, and it is time I release it. Let peace and joy be heard among all nations.

I’ve been gifted with holy rage

I see the world around me in fear

Let me be clear

We must connect more

We must explore the hearts and minds of others

We are sister and brothers

Why are we afraid of one another?

Why are afraid?

To Every Personality I Have Ever Clung To

To every personality I have every clung to, thank you.

You come into my world

A beautiful girl

A talented girl

Wise girl

Strong girl

Girl who works out

Girl who loves smoothies

Girl who loves dating

Girl, girl, girl

I can try forever to be one

but, I’m not.

I’m waking up to all that I am beyond all of the personalities, a reality where I am liberated from being “myself”.

Being “myself” has been painful, exhausting, thrilling, exciting, a journey I have loved deeply, but finally

life takes me into this new moment without any concept of who I am.

No vision to live into, but the vision of full expression of the self that is here in this moment

there is no need for me to be anyone I am not

and no expectation to return into who I once was.

Here I am

a person

a soul occupying a body



and I might never feel this way again

or I might feel this way all the time.

The point is that in this moment, I’m not controlling anything. I’m let off. Released. Broken, like the egg shell that holds the golden yolk.

We would starve, if we never let ourselves get devoured, and transformed.

you can make beautiful art…

while falling apart.

I hope you enjoy my newest ebook. I’ve made a few of these, but this is my very first one I have decided to publish. Stay blessed. Enjoy. ❤️

Who Are We

Poetry I am
in my mind
I can



Sweet melody
within me,
won’t you come out to be seen?

every part of me
breathes golden brown


We are the last of the bruised

the last of the shackled
writers of a new way
we are carriers and all I can say is

I can sing my melody

I am ready to show the world
who it is that is truly, fully free.

Power, flow through us, easy

Love, flow through us, freely

Money, come and be, come and release, come and play

Come and play

Return today

To who we truly are

To who we truly are

I’m Home.

These people that break our hearts are real people. They have histories and beliefs and wants and needs. When we want love from someone else, and aren’t getting it, we dehumanize them. We speak about them, calling out what is wrong or lacking in them, because of course there must be something wrong or lacking in them if they can’t or don’t want to love us. I used to do this. But there was never anything wrong with them, there was never anything wrong with me. None of it ever meant anything. It was just a scene in the movie of my life and the only reason it hurt so bad was because I was using my mental power to attempt to rewrite a scene that had already aired on the screen of life. Mentally molding myself and the person who didn’t love me enough to fit an idea of what should have happened between us was destroying me. With all of my energy tied up in the past energy exchanges that occurred between us, I was blind to any other possibilities for our future. This behavior was what caused me the pain, not the man, or the heartbreak, or the loss of a person, but the mere resistance to what is the present moment reality. That is the only thing that can ever truly cause suffering in this world. All suffering ends when there is acceptance found in what is here in the one present moment. If I can’t find acceptance in the present moment, I can just be here and experience the emotions that are true in the space between me and my coming into union with acceptance. Eventually, witnessing it move through and out of my consciousness. Yet, not being here for that reason at all. The emotions are simply here to pass through. I know I came into existence for my experience, the one I have here and now. Life will move, within my seasons of surrender to full experiences of it.

Light of the Holy World

I look at pictures of myself and think, “wow. That girl deserves everything.”

Not in a conceded way.

Not in a selfish way.

I think of myself in this way, because I know how much I’ve been through.

I let go of what this world has given me in the past, and I focus on what is given to me in this moment.

I knew what I would be doing for this world, in the future and that I needed to be here.

There were so many times that I wanted to quit.

But, here I am.


Rising from nothing. Moving. Choosing myself and choosing love, even when I feel judged for doing so. I chose solitude over empty connections. I waited until I had something more to pour. All along, God kept me breathing. That was how I knew I mattered, because I was breathing. I didn’t remain in the light the entire time. I lost myself, I did. But I always came back. I was always welcomed wholeheartedly. The people of the earth have navigated the worlds deadliest, darkest events, and still, we chose to have love within us. We choose to love our creator, ourselves, the people around us, and planet earth even in great pain.

With all of this light and unconditional love in our hearts, we were now unstoppable.

We went through the tests, victorious.

In the past, I didn’t understand what it was, or what it was for. But still, I trusted that one day I would know how to use it.

That day, has finally come.

I promised the Universe that I would be ready when that day would come.

Here it is.

I deserve every single ounce of good that comes my way, don’t ever think otherwise. I worked for this. I earned this. It was never easy, until I decided it could be. It was never fun, until I let it all in.

Now, and forever, I deserve all the light in the world, I deserve all I desire to have.

I am One with the Light of the Holy World.

I breathe the highest blessings into this New Holy World, and Every One Here with me.

This is a new era.

The Plan

Fear had a voice
and it was my choice
if I would listen.

Would I follow fear’s advice
and pay the price
that so many before me have payed?

Or would I choose to depend more on my God, and pave a new way of being
for the human race?

I know my place
and I know it’s not small
neither is yours, no not at all.

We have big work to do
and together we will see it through— that all we will do will come from God’s plan.

Human walking hand and hand
with trust and grace,
each moment becoming our favorite place.

We are in Love.
We are home.
We are connected to Truth.

Love with be all that we will choose to see this earth through
we know now what we must do.

Breaking Limits

There cannot be light without darkness, but if we learn and evolve to see the light without the dark, the dark is not needed.

What if the only painful thing about pain is you believing that the pain can truly hurt you? What if the only heartbreaking thing about heartbreak is you believing that you’re not already whole on your own? Believing that you’re something that has the possibility to break in the first place? What if the only emotional aspect of any emotion is coming from what you believe about the emotions themselves?

When you entertain the energy of a thought that is far from the truth of who you are, the creation/birth of that thought will hurt, so bad, because it does not resonate with who you really are.

Have you every completely self-sabotaged yourself? Spent $400 on clothes when you are on a budget? Ate 3 slices of pizza when you were trying to eat healthy? Self-sabotage to me is basically any moment in time where you are faced with a choice to do something that you know would destroy some of what you have built up, and you choose that action that takes you “away” from your goals. Another thing that self-sabotage is to me is bullshit. 

Destroying something that was built up by you is one of the most natural things in this life and it’s about time you realized that. For the record, I’m not just writing this to make you feel better, to help you cope, or make you stop sabotaging. This isn’t any of that “have compassion for yourself” or “honor your journey” mumbo jumbo. I’m saying this because I observed this in nature and now I think of the choices I make so differently. I found my observation enlightening enough that I believed that typing it out and finding a way to fit it into this life changing text was pretty necessary. Anyways, even nature sabotages herself, even nature goes through processes where she destroys things that she has worked so hard to create. Hurricanes, volcanoes, forrest fires, tornadoes, these disasters are all created by nature herself, to destroy herself. And what comes after destruction? Rebuilding. What prevents rebuilding? Your own belief that there is something bad or wrong about doing something you are born to do… living. The only unnatural part about self sabotage is the label we’ve given it and the meaning we’ve put around it. The only unnatural part about destroying something that you have created is the guilt and shame that you allow in after those times of destruction. 

It’s not excessive eating or spending or sex or drugs… its the authority that you have over your own mind that’s tearing you up inside. Giving your mental state power over who you are is the only thing you should every try to quit.  You’ve created this standard of who you are, and what you do, how you spend your time and who with. This identity is so well rooted that if you vary from your perfect little idea of who you think you are, you go into this disarray of shame ad guilt when you do something that doesn’t match this idea. It is not the wavering of habits and lifestyle that take you down… its your beliefs around what this wavering means. How could you look at this wavering or sabotage in a way that refines you, instead of allowing it to consume and define you? 

Maybe the sabotage is there to serve you, there to unroot your structured idea around who you think you have to be in order to be this one definition of you. How limiting it is to define yourself as one single type of person anyways. I don’t wanna be a night owl or a moring bird, clean or messy, introverted or extraverted, I don’t want to be classified or labeled or put into a box like a size 10 nike shoe thats black and white and featured with foam cushioning classified as good for running and training sitting on a rack at the mall. I want to be anything my spirit calls me to be in any given moment. I want the light of my being to have the freedom to express any sort of energetic signature in order to attract any sort of energy that the universe is sending my way. Because in this mindset, in this space of trust and surrender to God, to my higher self, to my limitless energy, I am defined by so much more than what my mind would’ve come up with. I get the chance to experience so much more in spirit than I ever would in mind. In the evolution of my ego, I break the cycle of being yet another human who is enslaved and accustomed to what my mind believes me to be. 

How to experience the most energy… like ever.

“I am too tired”

“I don’t have enough energy”

Why are we affirming this reality for ourselves??? Why are we limiting what we can do when we know that these statements are just excuses??

We feel D R A I N E D when we are disconnected from our true source of energy. We think that we need coffee or a nap, when really all we need, is greater awareness to the presence within. We need to tap into our infinite source of energy.

This is super paradoxical, but really, the best way to get more energy is to spend more energy. When you release the energy that you do have in your body, you allow space for new energy to come in. You don’t need to hold on to anything. That is why when we workout, many times we experience a surge of energy and feel more awake. When you move your body and let stale energy exit the body, new fresh energy can come through. 

You have to G I V E to G E T

Many people feel stuck and unmotivated because they don’t know or trust the laws of our world. They believe that they have to hold on to all that they have, when in reality, the key to experiencing more in this life is to actually give up more. When you hold on to all of the energy that you have, there is no space. You are sending a message out to the universe that you don’t have the desire for more, because you are clutching on to all that you have like it is all that you will ever have. When we live this way, there is nowhere within you for the universe to provide. The universe is blocked from providing you with what you are asking for because you are holding on so tightly to your current experience. 

Expansion is in the practice of releasing attachment– to things, to energy, to emotions. You must let all that you think that you need go. The process of letting go, sends a message to the universe that you are open to receive. 

I challenge you to trust in the vast infinite nature of your higher power. Be willing to let go, to become nothing, to become empty, and see what you end up filled with. You are more powerful, more expansive, and JUST simply more than you will ever know.