I’m Home.

These people that break our hearts are real people. They have histories and beliefs and wants and needs. When we want love from someone else, and aren’t getting it, we dehumanize them. We speak about them, calling out what is wrong or lacking in them, because of course there must be something wrong or lacking in them if they can’t or don’t want to love us. I used to do this. But there was never anything wrong with them, there was never anything wrong with me. None of it ever meant anything. It was just a scene in the movie of my life and the only reason it hurt so bad was because I was using my mental power to attempt to rewrite a scene that had already aired on the screen of life. Mentally molding myself and the person who didn’t love me enough to fit an idea of what should have happened between us was destroying me. With all of my energy tied up in the past energy exchanges that occurred between us, I was blind to any other possibilities for our future. This behavior was what caused me the pain, not the man, or the heartbreak, or the loss of a person, but the mere resistance to what is the present moment reality. That is the only thing that can ever truly cause suffering in this world. All suffering ends when there is acceptance found in what is here in the one present moment. If I can’t find acceptance in the present moment, I can just be here and experience the emotions that are true in the space between me and my coming into union with acceptance. Eventually, witnessing it move through and out of my consciousness. Yet, not being here for that reason at all. The emotions are simply here to pass through. I know I came into existence for my experience, the one I have here and now. Life will move, within my seasons of surrender to full experiences of it.


How old are you? Eternal

What time is it? Now

Here we are, in collective experience of emotions ranging from disgust to bliss.

This was and sometimes is our life…

avoiding the moments that slice like a knife

and clinging to the opposite.

Is that the only way to live life?

With a heart like this, when you try just to sit, you can’t.

Maybe I could use a chant to move this energy,

or pay a healer to put me back into synergy.

“Life certainly is not where I want it to be.”

But… who am I to want anything other than what’s here, right now, anyways?

Isn’t life amazing, in all of its infinite ways?

Star Quotes

Stars don’t worry if their light is bright enough, they just shine.

Don’t live in the dark any longer, choose to shine.

The heart math institute has proven that the human heart emits a physical field of light energy, providing us to know that we are beings of light, and thus, we glow. 

We are all meant to shine in our own unique way, just as the stars do.  

If you are currently experiencing a reality that is any less than what you want in any way, don’t stay in it any longer. Change as much as you have the capacity to. Don’t hold yourself back.

You are meant for brighter things. 

I believe that if you are experiencing a life that is any less than the life you want for yourself, that you should have the courage to ask for more. 

My wish is that every person on earth is able to shine as the star that they are here to be. Let there be light.