Holy Words For Earth

Despair fills the room.

It is as though you are blind

unable to see my light.

With your Spirit in a bind

and the pain, a unique kind,

you ask to be released.

Who is the one who releases you?

What is it that they must do?

Must they fight a demon?

Must they cast the past away?

What is it for you that you need to see?

What is it for you, for you to be set free?

Tell me, and it will be delivered today.

Wipe me clean

Let all that is seen

In darkness

Be light

God, allow me to borrow your strength, your might

In that I might become more like you

Strong like you

Clear minded like you

Open hearted like you

Let me be yours

Let me be strength

My brothers and sisters are in the grip of the devil and I call on my Father to save them. My Father is a being of pure love and light. My Father is a being of great strength and might. I cannot live to see more suffering on this earth without taking action in the light any longer. I’ve gotten stronger and it is time for the world to see it. I have a voice, and it is time I release it. Let peace and joy be heard among all nations.

I’ve been gifted with holy rage

I see the world around me in fear

Let me be clear

We must connect more

We must explore the hearts and minds of others

We are sister and brothers

Why are we afraid of one another?

Why are afraid?

Those Eyes of Yours

Use your eyes wisely.

Keep looking forward.

Ask yourself, “what do you want me to see?”

You’ll find that the truth of you only wants good things for you.

Take control of your imagination.

Release control.

Re-lease. Renew the lease of the control of your self in the name of your loving God.

Let the fullest love become your life.

Everything else, it falls away.

Love is all there is, and all there will be.

Remember the power your have as a child of God.

God and Us

It’s me again.


standing in front of the mirror

looking at her.

“I am ugly,” I think to her.

The next thing I think to myself is about hair.

I look with eyes that wish it to be different, I wished the hair would look ‘better’.

And in that thought, for just a moment, I watch myself turn away from the Love that I know I have for me.

One moment away from Love, is one moment too many.

As I open myself to receive Truth, the One voice within me is here.

“What if you’re tearing down someone else’s beautiful?” The voice says.

“What?” I ask.

“What if later, when you walk down the street, this hair is the most beautiful hair that someone else has ever seen?

And here you are, denying that.”

What if I’m tearing down someone else’s beautiful?

Something shifted.

What if I was tearing up God’s beautiful?

By God’s grace, this body I am existing in has been formed.

Who was I to question His artistry?

Many of my friends in my life have told me that I was beautiful and I have always been told wonderful compliments. My family thinks I am beautiful too. God shares delight with me, about the body He created for me.

To continue to participate in this criticism towards the physical beauty of this body was to choose to fight against the thoughts and words of my friends and family. That would hurt. What would hurt more, would be to deny God’s perspective of me.

A battle against the most loving perceptions I know, is a battle I no longer entertain.

It was time to stop allowing this mind to receive words that have never truly been said to me before. I had to stop putting hatred of myself on repeat, and love in the backseat. I wanted to start listening, really listening to God, and His Holy Truth.

Was the voice inside of me that wanted my hair to change worth believing?

What if that something inside me that wanted me to change, was the only thing that ever needed to change?

The inner critic wanted change. It said to me, “I am ugly.”

Remember, earlier?

I now ask that voice, to listen more. Listen to beauty. Listen to love. Listen to Jesus. Listen to God.

God will always praise us as His wonderful children.

In Union with God, we are surrounded by positive affirmations and Love, Truth, Peace, Grace, and even compliments given to us by our closest friends, strangers, family.

The smallest words can make the biggest impact, if we allow them to.

“You are absolutely beautiful today,” I say to all of me.

I access the part of me who thought of me as ugly. I looked right into its eyes and said,

“You might not think that we are beautiful all the time, and you catch all of these little flaws. What you have to say to me is mean and hurtful. I ask now that God rescue me from your pain, your jealousy of others, your insecurities. Lord, Savior, Lead me back into your Great, Loving, Sacred arms where I am free to feel wonderful about this physical vessel of yours.”

A weight lifted off of me.

I’m ripping someone’s best friend apart, when I say mean things to myself.

I’m criticizing someone’s only daughter when I hurt me.  

I have to stop hurting me, when I am someone that means so much to so many.

If there happens to be a scene in your life that you wish you had never seen, I hope that whatever you’re seeing in this present moment, can shine beyond all that has ever stood tall and dark to cloud this glorious Light that you are.

You are a Light of beauty and grace.

Your Light shines through everyone’s face.

God’s Light lives inside each one of us, including me, and when someone calls us beautiful, let us promise now to no longer disagree.

A Prayer

May we know the Truth of our Value and Beauty in the Omnipresent, Holy Eye of God.

Allow us to trust in God’s Plan for our lives.

Allow us to move through our day today in the Peace of Jesus’ constant presence within our Spirit.

Allow us to believe that He provides us with all that we need, in the moments that something is needed.

Help us to see Love everywhere, in work, in family life, in friendships, and every moment of our lives.

Fill us with gratitude.

Fill us with Peace.

In your name, we rejoice, and allow your will to work in our lives.

I believe that God wants our lives to be fun, joyful, abundant. I pray to remind myself of that. I know in my heart that He wants to be the biggest part of our lives. He wants to be there, with us, through everything. He wants us to be surrounded by people and things that we love, yet still our love for him is the greatest love of all. He wants us to feel free to be ourselves, even if that means forgetting about him for a season. He wants us to know that we can always return to Him, no matter how long we have been away. He wants us to know His Grace, His Love, His Truth, and His Peace.

May God bless you today.


Peace be with you and your family.

Trust in God

My heart breaks a little bit every time I turn my back to the ocean. I don’t know why, but it does. Tonight, I rode my bike to Vinoy park in Saint Petersburg. The moon was full and bright. The sky was colorful. The air was clear and refreshing. I was riding my bike on a decently thick sidewalk, with no one coming down my path for miles. I could turn my head to the left side of me to allow all of my focus to go towards the ocean. I was in bliss. It was wonderful to be able to ride my bike forward, to be headed in the right direction, yet have no focus on that at all. All of my focus was occupied with taking in the beauty of the ocean. It was sparkling so much, with the light of the moon. The moments of this bike ride were absolutely amazing. My full presence was in joy.

This is kind of what it feels like to fully trust God in the moments of our lives.

Despite how this world may seem to function, we don’t need to have our focus held so tightly in controlling the aspects of our lives. It’s Jesus, God, and our Spiritual Guides with their hands on our lives that allow us to live this way. It’s how we were designed to live. Yet, we aren’t all taught this. I was taught to work hard always, and to sacrifice joy for security and success. Now, in God’s presence, I’m learning to prioritize my connection with Him. I’m learning that what God wants for me is different than what I was taught to seek within the physical world.

Back in my physical world, my bike ride was coming to an end. I felt my hands pivot to bring my bike onto a new pathway. My head had to turn away from the ocean, to face the road in front of me. Time slowed down, and I felt something inside of me sink, break, and shift.

This is what it feels like to disconnect from the full trust in God that is available to us in all moments of our lives.

I was feeling that way, because I attached the light, lifted, fun feeling I had when I was watching the ocean, with the ocean. In reality, that feeling had nothing to do with my surroundings, none of our feelings do. That light, lifted, fun feeling was all God, all of this life is. I remembered that I could access heavenly feelings at anytime, in any place when I got home and prayed.

Our surroundings act as a reason for us to feel different ways, but in reality, we can feel exactly the same in every single moment of our lives if we want to and choose to. That feeling of joy and freedom I received from riding my bike isn’t isolated to those moments in my experience. Now that I know the feeling, I can access it again here. Typing on my laptop, sharing this story, I can reach into my heart and find that beautiful presence of God again. Some people call it flow state, I call it “swimming in the Love of God”. It’s the lightest feeling in the body—accessible anytime, anywhere, by any person. A true miracle. That’s God’s Love.

So, relax and receive, again and again, for all of eternity.

Peace be with you.

In the Presence of my Savior

My ancestors had experienced both—

gut wrenching, heart stopping pain

and ethereal, undeniably thrilling ecstatic joy

as have I.

We have everything here, on earth

pain, misery, sorrow

bliss, joy, happiness.

When we arrive with God, we give up our pain

we give up our misery

we give up our sorrow

we give up any and all control

any and all grief is gone

regret… none

fear… nonexistent

God witnesses all of these things, in us, as His Great omnipresent Eye is on us

yet, when we are with Him, we are gone of any memories of anything other than






and Gratitude.

God is good, all the time.

All the time, God is good.

When I am with God, I am Good.

When I am Good, I am with God.

This Moment

I absolutely love this moment. When I am here, He is here too, God. Now, there is no ‘there’ to be responsible for. God has got it for me. I’m here, and He always is. I don’t need to think about the future because God has a plan for me. There is nothing for me to manage or change about here and now, so how could I be anywhere but here? I know that this moment is how God created it to be. I want to fully experience all of the moments God has made for us. I’m trusting in His creative abilities, more and more each day, allowing my own to reflect in the Light of His. The mighty strength of God had brought me here.

All that is here for us to experience originates from God and our connection to Him.

Our true currency is connection to Him, and that cannot be bought.

I’m in love with God and I’m safe in that.

I’m good in this love, free in this love, eternally held in His Great Love.

God’s Love in infinite, undeniable, and unbreakable. It’s not going anywhere.

There will always be another moment to have, another breath to take.


This moment.

With God, I am.

Light of the Holy World

I look at pictures of myself and think, “wow. That girl deserves everything.”

Not in a conceded way.

Not in a selfish way.

I think of myself in this way, because I know how much I’ve been through.

I let go of what this world has given me in the past, and I focus on what is given to me in this moment.

I knew what I would be doing for this world, in the future and that I needed to be here.

There were so many times that I wanted to quit.

But, here I am.


Rising from nothing. Moving. Choosing myself and choosing love, even when I feel judged for doing so. I chose solitude over empty connections. I waited until I had something more to pour. All along, God kept me breathing. That was how I knew I mattered, because I was breathing. I didn’t remain in the light the entire time. I lost myself, I did. But I always came back. I was always welcomed wholeheartedly. The people of the earth have navigated the worlds deadliest, darkest events, and still, we chose to have love within us. We choose to love our creator, ourselves, the people around us, and planet earth even in great pain.

With all of this light and unconditional love in our hearts, we were now unstoppable.

We went through the tests, victorious.

In the past, I didn’t understand what it was, or what it was for. But still, I trusted that one day I would know how to use it.

That day, has finally come.

I promised the Universe that I would be ready when that day would come.

Here it is.

I deserve every single ounce of good that comes my way, don’t ever think otherwise. I worked for this. I earned this. It was never easy, until I decided it could be. It was never fun, until I let it all in.

Now, and forever, I deserve all the light in the world, I deserve all I desire to have.

I am One with the Light of the Holy World.

I breathe the highest blessings into this New Holy World, and Every One Here with me.

This is a new era.


How old are you? Eternal

What time is it? Now

Here we are, in collective experience of emotions ranging from disgust to bliss.

This was and sometimes is our life…

avoiding the moments that slice like a knife

and clinging to the opposite.

Is that the only way to live life?

With a heart like this, when you try just to sit, you can’t.

Maybe I could use a chant to move this energy,

or pay a healer to put me back into synergy.

“Life certainly is not where I want it to be.”

But… who am I to want anything other than what’s here, right now, anyways?

Isn’t life amazing, in all of its infinite ways?

soul journey

The energy that we have been perceiving as ego is simply the energy of the incarnate soul learning what it is to be human. As our soul remembers what it is to be human, we experience a journey that is unique to each incarnate. There is no way to alter this unique experience, so we might as well move into the state of witness. Great enjoyment is here in the non-biased observation of the soul’s unique, spectacular journey with God.