see her

no one knocking at my door now
I got some space to explore now
Every part inside of me
So much I haven’t seen

My body is an altar
Rest you wishes on its surface
Inside me is a temple
Come inside and have it all

Every part of me it tingles
When I hold his body close
I could have him if I wanted
But it’s me I want the most

This treasure I am holding
it’s heavy all alone
Come and hold it with me softly
Touch me here and then you know

My body is a temple
From a place beyond my time
Inside me is an empress
A ruler, she’s divine

Touch me once and it’s your time
Everything you’ve been waiting for
I have it here within me
The parts you’ve wanted more

It’s me
It’s me

I am

Hold On

I know you feel like there’s nothing left inside

that you wanna run and hide

nothing to give

and everything to lose.

Did He really choose

this path you’re on?

This road you’re on?

Why hold on?

To all that causes pain?

To memories of rain,

when the shine shines so bright in you?

Why can’t we just let go?

Remember all we know?

Why hold on

to lies that darken the heart?

Can we get back to the start?

There’s so much more for us to do.

People are waiting on you

to wake up to all that God created you to be.

Listen carefully

to what you Hold on to.

Just one moment can change your life.

Just one moment can keep you alive.

Hold on to His truth.

Hold on to His promise.

Hold on to your faith.

Let go of everything else.

Who Are We

Poetry I am
in my mind
I can



Sweet melody
within me,
won’t you come out to be seen?

every part of me
breathes golden brown


We are the last of the bruised

the last of the shackled
writers of a new way
we are carriers and all I can say is

I can sing my melody

I am ready to show the world
who it is that is truly, fully free.

Power, flow through us, easy

Love, flow through us, freely

Money, come and be, come and release, come and play

Come and play

Return today

To who we truly are

To who we truly are