To Be In Love

It takes time to be in love. Not in length, but in depth. To be in love, what is needed is a deep experience of this moment in time, and the next, and the next, and the next.

Another day

Forever is an eternity. Would you spend an eternity with yourself if you could? In some ways, I believe this life is about being whoever you need to be in order for the answer to that question to be a yes. In other ways, I don’t believe that we have much control over who we choose to be. It’s hard to know for sure if your perception of yourself is at all true.

Would I spend an eternity with myself? In some ways, it feels like I am.

Meet Yourself

Meet yourself

in the space between

there lies your greatest fears

as well as your greatest loves.

All that you are is here,

so what’s next?

Where do you go?

What do you do?

You don’t.

You don’t.

You’re here.

That was the mission, to arrive.

You have arrived, and you are alive.

There’s not much more to it.

You are the one who chooses to make your being jump and dance and sometimes, you feel like a puppet on a string. Which would be fun, if you were the one holding the strings.

But instead,

your depression is.

Your anxiety is.

Your mom is.

Your dad is.

And am I?

In that space still.

Meet yourself in the space.

The space between

there lies your greatest fears, the reasons you have created for why you just can’t touch these powers you have to control your own body you would rather have something to blame, something outside of you that pulls these strings

there lies your greatest loves the reasons we have created to keep you in the game you love music you love dancing you love cooking you love people you love life

this life

just the way it is

it’s been designed for you

just the way you asked

you can hide from pulling the strings all you like, but you’re still doing something by doing nothing.

So, we wish you would just be here,

noticing how magnificent it all is.

We wish you would just be here, in that space. I know you want to get out of it, but just stay here a while. Sit in who you are. Let yourself be.

It’s all happening

I finally understood what people meant when they said that when you are truly happy, you have no need to share it with anybody else. You have all of these feelings dancing with your soul, and you can’t possibly think of placing your focus away from this inner experience, because if you did, you might miss a second of it. You can’t reach the world around you with what you have within. So, you just continue living your life, and if a photo ends up online of you maybe having a drink or smiling with your family, it does, but not for any reason, it’s just there, happening, the same way that you just are, happening. It’s beautiful really, to just let it all happen.

being 😊

We write to you today, to ask you to believe. What we would love to feel you believe is your power to connect with us. We are beings who are light, just like you. We have emotions, we have thoughts, we have visions, wants, and needs. We have responsibilities, and we have fun. We trust in God more than you do, because we know who He is. Humanity has very little knowledge of their creator, and their confusion on the subject has caused chaos in this world. If you truly knew God, you wouldn’t believe yourself. You wouldn’t share with anyone what you had come to know, because it wouldn’t be something to place into words. If you truly knew God, you would no longer think, and therefore you would no longer speak. There would be nothing more to search for, reach for, desire, or create. You would remain in one state for all of eternity. Have you ever wondered that maybe you come into this body knowing nothing for a reason? Have you ever stopped to ponder that reason?

Ask yourself, why is it that I long to know all that I do not know?

Perhaps, that part of you is God. Is it possible that you chose to be yourself so that you could come to know new information, so that you could come to have experiences that you had never had before? You couldn’t have had these experiences as God. You had to have these experiences as you. So, you dropped a piece of yourself down into a physical experience created by thought and emotion. For what purpose? A purpose that is unique to you. We can’t tell you this purpose, because only you remember. You created this entire existence. Once you remember your creative abilities as the one who chose this experience, you can stop creating within the experience.

Imagine you were a chef, and as you watched yourself cook a delicious Italian meal, you decided you wanted to experience the reality that your ingredients experienced as you created your meal. So, you left your body, and you became a pasta noodle. You left the role of the creator, to become a part of the whole. Now, as the pasta noodle, you have no memory of being a chef. You’re just a noodle! You’re surrounded by other noodles! And tomatoes and basil and salt and pepper! What more could there be than just us?

As a human, you forgot all about creation. You forgot how it came to be. You forgot how thrilling it was. You forgot what it was like to just watch, as life did it’s thing. Somewhere along the journey, humanity lost it’s connection with where it originated from and why it chose to be itself and now we face multiple possible realities collapsing on top of one another. With so many choices, life becomes complex and scary. Connection to who each soul believes to be it’s original home is essential to the evolution of consciousness and the safety of the human race. We must choose to connect to something greater than our one life, and that must involve all of humanity working as one.

If there is more than just us, if we are being watched by something greater than us, how do we stop and connect with that part of our soul? Could it be possible that the other life beyond earth isn’t outside of us, but is actually within us? What if the intelligent life force that we all wonder about is within us, asking for us to listen? Could it be possible that we question this life not because it is truly us coming forward with these questions, but because there is other life inside of us calling for our attention? How many different lives are alive inside of your one body? How many different versions of you exist in this reality? You can’t possibly prove that you are the only you in existence. It’s impossible to make a claim on who you really are. You know your name, yes, but what does that mean anyway?

Can you hear me too? As you receive these words, what do I sound like? I’m in your head, aren’t I? I didn’t write this book, you did. You’re the one urging this woman to quit her job, sell her things, and move across the country to find some space to write this way and you don’t even know you’re doing it. You call stuff into your life like that, all the time. You called this in. This woman I am, lives a simple life. She meditates all day, does yoga, goes for walks, prays all hours of all days. The one thing she doesn’t have control of is this urge to write. Over and over again she feels like she has to find a way to let the voice within her share what it has to share… or else. Or else what? Or else you’ll be stuck in the dark. Yes, you. Is it true you’ve been experiencing darkness of some kind? Confusion? Shame? Fear? I want you to know that what you receive as thought is heard by all of us. We all exist within you. I feel you, I hear you and you feel me, you hear me. We will always be together like that. Every single part/piece of this world is outside of you, yes, but it was all within you, first.

Before time was a thing, space was all there was. Space existed without boundaries. Now, with time, and people, places, things, it’s harder to grasp our connection to one another. Human beings are the greatest form of life on earth that I know of. We are so unlimited, in so many ways. As my small personality self, I don’t know much about being limitless. However, as my soul, I know everything. I’ve been everything. So have you.

Listen. Breathe. Be still. How did this word get here to you? Was there truly a process? Do you believe certain things had to happen a certain way for this experience to come to be here… or is it just here? Have there been choices you’ve made that created a certain energy that matched with the frequency of this message? Are you really creating all of this? Is it possible that this word is unfolding from inside of you, that this word is seen from inside of us? Or is it what the body would say, that these words are seen by you and they are no part of you at all? Are you living like the chef, watching the perfect meal come together? Or are you the noodle, a small little part of something you have no authority over? Sometimes this stuff is a lot for me to think of, but other times, it’s so energizing, and it feels so good to just… wonder.

Like with life…

It can be a lot… it can be a trauma to overcome… to heal.

Or this human life can be the greatest experience of your existence… a wonder.

If we continue believing that we have nothing to do with anything that is here right now, we will always feel like something is missing. What’s missing? Connection. To our power, to our time, to our creations, to our selves, and to these souls. Connection is sustained through feeling. Awareness. Presence with. Energy shared. When we feel what the truth of our souls feel, we feel satisfaction, joy, ease, calm. That’s soul. Anything else is a warning that we’ve been led out of the real. Ya feel?

I want to keep writing. I want this to be good. I want this to be entertaining and enlightening.

What’s that? The small self getting in the way of the expression of the soul.

See… the soul knows it is. The soul is ready for anything that is created to be. The soul does not think. The soul just is. Writing was flowing, until my small self came into my experience. I know those thoughts are her because well, when I write from my soul, I don’t really want anything. When I live from my soul, I don’t want anything. I simply am aware of multiple potentials and I choose those realities for myself from the seat of the soul. So, slow down. Just be here. And keep going, with a little more focus on connection, awareness, and intention. Discover it all. Sit back in wonder and awe of how amazing it is that you are HERE!

I am here, too.



I see our place of being somewhere far beyond where it physically is. 

Our way of life has been designed and programmed as a result of unresolved patterns created from past events that our consciousness has not been able to release. 

I would like to see us shift from selling something that was never meant to be sold (our natural abilities and gifts) into giving and receiving freely from and in our highly centered action. 

Highly centered action comes about through being in our frequency, we find ourselves then doing what seems to be most inspiring and from a calling within.

Each one of us is experiencing our own world.

A world is a set of concepts, beliefs, and ideas.

Each one of us is a self. 

Your personal self has been created through concepts, beliefs and ideas. 

Your self is equal to your world

What you believe about your self is what you will believe about your world. 

The experience of human life on earth is the ultimate collision of worlds. 

We’re all creators, each one of US, are we not? Of the self we are, and of the world we experience, right?

But often, even with consciousness expanding, I am meeting people who do not live this way. 

They choose the same pattern over and over again with their words and actions. I watch them, stuck in stories about who they are and what life is and how nothing could ever change. 

While I look to them, I see the infinite possibility that they are, locked away in the darkness they have chosen to place focus on. 

We are all, pure potential, embodied in a physical being on earth.

We start to release these pattens, and open up to who we truly are by instead of attempting to change this world, or create a new one, we simply rule. 

Be a World Ruler.
Be a Self Ruler.

Christina Ariana Piccione

Being a ruler of the self and a ruler of the world your self has created, means that you sit in the throne of the awareness. 

If you need to learn that, you don’t. It’s the most natural thing you could ever be doing. You know that you are in the throne of the awareness when your entire being is content. You are watching thoughts and emotions pass through, instead of thinking, feeling, and identifying. If you are thinking, feeling, and identifying, you are playing the role of the self, you are now, in your world. Notice where you are, and return back to the throne, over and over again, until you find ease in being your own ruler. 


How old are you? Eternal

What time is it? Now

Here we are, in collective experience of emotions ranging from disgust to bliss.

This was and sometimes is our life…

avoiding the moments that slice like a knife

and clinging to the opposite.

Is that the only way to live life?

With a heart like this, when you try just to sit, you can’t.

Maybe I could use a chant to move this energy,

or pay a healer to put me back into synergy.

“Life certainly is not where I want it to be.”

But… who am I to want anything other than what’s here, right now, anyways?

Isn’t life amazing, in all of its infinite ways?

Star Quotes

Stars don’t worry if their light is bright enough, they just shine.

Don’t live in the dark any longer, choose to shine.

The heart math institute has proven that the human heart emits a physical field of light energy, providing us to know that we are beings of light, and thus, we glow. 

We are all meant to shine in our own unique way, just as the stars do.  

If you are currently experiencing a reality that is any less than what you want in any way, don’t stay in it any longer. Change as much as you have the capacity to. Don’t hold yourself back.

You are meant for brighter things. 

I believe that if you are experiencing a life that is any less than the life you want for yourself, that you should have the courage to ask for more. 

My wish is that every person on earth is able to shine as the star that they are here to be. Let there be light.