Old Stuff

Would it be okay with you, if I were to really feel it?

Would you be filled with anxiety if I were to reveal it,

How I’m really feeling about this life right here?

What I really think about this world right now?

Im always disconnected

Love is neglected

And misunderstood

I should do it this way

I can’t do it that way

I’m not happy

Or at least I’m not free to express it

Am I free to express anything?

There are so many people around me who can sing

But I’ll never hear their voices

Im too caught up in analyzing the choices i make

Regretting the opportunities I don’t take

Do I even see them?

When did I agree to get this blind?

To allow this spirit to be bound by time?

This is not going the way that I thought it would

I wanna make the world shake

But I can’t do it alone

I need to you help us build a better home

Come home with me

Come home with me


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